How much does a wesbite cost? 

A website is typically a collection of web pages, images and other digital assets that are hosted on an internet server.

The design, look and feel as well as the functionalities (features) will differ heavily from one site to another depending on what you want your website to accomplish. A small business website might only contain basic information about the company’s products and services, whereas an e-commerce site will typically be much more complex.

Again this depends on the type of website you would like to create. Since content is king, all websites (regardless of their size) need to feature regular updates in order to remain relevant. You can either ask a professional web designer to take care of this for you, or do it yourself using a CMS (Content Management System). In any case, hosting fees will have to be factored in as well.

Websites come in all shapes and sizes, as well as prices.

A simple personal website can literally cost you nothing to create and maintain, whereas a small business or corporate site can easily reach thousands of pounds up front and per month . So what factors influence the price of a website?

Let’s take a look at some of the most important ones . . . 

Size and content

One of the major factors associated with website cost is its size.

The amount of pages, features, assets and images will determine how much time a web design agency or freelancer needs to complete your project. It’s important to remember that not all websites are created equal in this regard either – a blog might require less time to build that an online store for example.


The profitability of the website is another aspect that will contribute to its overall cost.

Is it meant as a personal project or is there commercial value involved?

Do you intend to monetise your site in the future with e-commerce or advertising? If yes, then this will be factored into the final price.

Marketing optimised

How you will use your website also impacts things. Now more than ever websites are used as marketing hubs for any business. From generating enquires through to full CRM customer integrations like HubSpot. The level at which your website needs to support your marketing activities (PPC, SEO, Paid ads, PR, Social media etc).

Target audience

Last but not least, your target audience will also determine how much of an investment you’ll need to make

For example, a young adult website might require more modern graphics and effects than one targeted at an older demographic – or maybe even no graphics at all if it’s for users.

At the end of the day it’s about fining the right fit for your needs. If you’re just getting started you don’t need a £15k all singing and dancing website.

Typical website costs

Small business / Starting out / no budget

Use WordPress, wix or squarespace – use their default builder tools if you have time to look at this yourself.

Cost: Free – £50 pcm

Small business – needing something to generate more enquiries sales

If your looking to level up your website and get it working harder for you you need things done by a professional, reliable company with a proven track record.

Depending on size and requirements the cost may vary

Cost: Between £4k to £9k depending on the design time, research and build time of the website

Large complex website build

There are sites that require a lot more time, thought and production than others. These tend to be either ecommerce sites or websites for companies that rely on their effectiveness to power their business. These tend to be longer website build projects and involve multiple touch points with key stakeholders.

Scope for large websites can change drastically depening on the above and also what platform and technology the website is built upon.

Cost: £10k to £50k +

What are your options when it comes to choosing someone to build your website?

  1. Do it yourself
  2. Freelance website designer
  3. Website company

Pros and cons of building a website yourself: Pros

– Not expensive

– You have full control over the design, layout and content

– Easily accessible online resources with tutorials to help you along the way

Cons: Build times might be longer than expected if you’re not familiar with web design or don’t know how to use a CMS. If you have loads of time and want to have a go yourself before hiring someone then the DIY approach could be right for you.

But make sure you do the maths. Let’s assume you charge £20 per hour for your services. Building your website may take you in total 100+ hours of time, effort and tears. Never forget that your own time has value.

Pros and cons of hiring a freelancer:

In general, when it comes to hiring an external resource, freelancers offer a lot of flexibility. They can be hired on a one-off basis or per project and they typically work remotely from their own home office.

Their cost is lower than that of a web design studio.

This is great for small changes but there are some limitations – redesigns may require more effort, updates can take longer and more commonly they are harder to get hold of, especially if they move on from their freelance role. This can often leave you with no one to turn to for help. With out a team around them they can often find themselves swamped and busy meaning that your project gets pushed to the back of the line.

Pros and cons of hiring a professional web design company:

If you’re looking for a more reliable service with full time members of staff available to help you, then hiring a web design agency might be the best option for you.

Typically, external resources are assigned to your project – so there’s someone dedicated who can look after your site and help out if anything comes up. Designers are typically more experienced, so you’ll receive a higher quality product. They should also provide full support to your site after launch as part of any website build package.

A web company can also do everything from scratch so they wont be relying on building your website on a pre-purchased cheap template.

More expensive than freelancers but still cost effective compared to hiring internal staff for example. Agencies are filled with experienced people who have years of experience behind them delivering website projects just like the one that you are after.

Always the most expensive option but always the best choice for the most professional service and final outcome.

At Big Bear Creative we generally work on website projects between the value of £5k – £25k, this is where we operate and deliver at our very best.

Want to discuss your project? Great, we’d love to hear from you.