Digital Marketing Agency Huntingdon

Working with forward-thinking brands and industry change-makers to deliver Stunning Websites, Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation campaigns that make an impact.
Big Bear Creative is a branding and digital agency proudly based in St Ives, very close to Huntingdon Town.

We work with forward-thinking companies who mean business in Huntingdon and beyond to support them with their marketing strategy all the way through to implementation and success.

Featured Business Case Studies

Live Streaming Music Platform Branding

Art Direction | Logo Creation | Design
A new fresh brand for a live streaming music platform that is bringing artits and fans back together.

Modern and Elegant Branding and Website

Branding | Art Direction | Website Design | Web Development
We delivered a modern and elegant new brand and custom website design.

Search Engine Optimisation and Google Ad Success

SEO | Google Ads | Web Development
Supercharging a National Communications company and its digital marketing. DCRS chose us, a trusted web agency in Cambridge to deliver the goods.
Big Bear Creative Clients

Marketing Strategy at the core of every service that we offer.

Before we steam ahead with any project we always ensure that our client’s Marketing Strategy is sound. We can advise and help with marketing plans and offer up creative alternatives if needed.

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all and we have the experience with working across many different business types to throw into the mix, giving us a unique view of your current challenges.

Brand and Marketing Agency

The messaging and brand values that you display to the outside world mean everything to your existing and potential clients.

People trust what they understand and run a mile from anything that they are unsure of.

We work with our clients on market research and analysis through to helping deliver a brand voice and messaging that really relates to their audience.

Messaging and tone of voice should sit within your business brand guidelines.


Marketing Agency Huntingdon

Delivering proven campaigns and services across search and pay-per-click.

We came to terms with it a long time ago . . . we’re proper geeks! We really understand how Search Engines work and have a really good proven track record of getting winning results for our clients both locally and on a national basis.

We have a growing search department dedicated to offering the very best in online search activities.

We deliver Pay-Per-Click advertising on behalf of our clients which we have seen some amazing results from. We can set up re-targeting of traffic and also create online dashboards which shows you the whole picture of your activities.

Web Design Agency Huntingdon

We produce unique website designs that help our clients convert their website visitors into sales and customers. We specialise in WordPress websites that we design, code and build from the ground up. We never use pre-made layouts or off the shelf themes (it’s not how we roll).

We like to work with forward-thinking clients who want something original that doesn’t just look like everyone else.

Our stunning team

Our core team consists of experts in brand and design, websites and digital marketing.

We also have a wider team of select marketing specialists so that we can cherry pick the right expertise to suit your business and individual project.


Web & Digital Marketing


Senior Designer

Emma Sheppard

Design & Branding Director



Dave Sheppard

Digital Director

We’re in the Smiles on faces business.
Feel free to get in touch to discuss our services.

Our Business Values

We don’t pretend to be something we are not.

We’re fun and we’ll never change for anyone. Not ever.

We focus on being the best ‘us’ that we can be.

We’re open, transparent and trusted.

We forge our own path and don’t just follow in the footsteps of others who have come before us.

Our progressive ideas and services positively challenge the market for us and our clients.

Creatively Strategic
We’re not stuck in our ways. We’re a progressive digital agency.

We think creatively about challenges and the way that we overcome them.

Research and strategy are at the core of everything that we do.

we love to do . . .

Helping you to Stand-Out from the crowd . . .

Services we love


Defining your brand messaging & positioning, transforming your logo & branding and brand guideline creation to set your business up for success.


From high-end brochures and luxury print finishes to exhibition banners and infographics, we’ve done it all!

Websites Design

Creating easy to use Wordpress websites with user experience and customer journeys at their core. We use our proven 7 step process to create websites that convert.

Digital Marketing Agency

Delivering strategic PPC & SEO Search Engine Optimisation campaigns, all working together in harmony to achieve your goals & raise brand awareness.

Our Clients tell us . . .

Our clients say we are fun but focused & deliver on our promises. They think we’re great listeners, we’re supportive & they feel they can call on us for advice and guidance whenever they need to.