Should you hire a Videographer for your website videos?

April 22, 2020

Should you hire a Videographer for your website videos? 

What we cover in this post: 

  1. Why would you when you can do it yourself? 
  2. What a professional Videographer offers
  3. The value of video. Cost vs Reward
  4. Custom video vs stock video


Why would you when you can do it yourself? 

It’s the age old comment isn’t it. “Why would we pay for it when i can do it ourselves? Our guys are pretty creative and Mike has a fancy camera that does videos . . . “.

This may well be true, ‘Mike’ may turn out to be an amazing videographer, bags of talent and Adobe Premier editing skills and can hang with the best of them. But let’s be honest unless he is a videographer-unicorn it’s not that likely is it? There’s a reason that he pursued a career in accounts rather than the creative fields. 

Don’t get us wrong, you can do it all in-house, it can be done and we have seen it. More often than not though, the results don’t quite cut the mustard.

Let’s look at the bigger picture also, if you did the filming in-house chances are it would take a long time to prepare and organise, there are always going to be more pressing issues that Mike will need to attend to – those accounts wont file themselves!

But let’s say he’s got the shots, organised the shoot and now has the footage in his camera – happy days.

Next up is the editing, and anyone who has ever worked on a professional edit knows this can be very time consuming, then there are the edits that the board want to make once they see the results . . . more time vaporised away. And remember you’re still paying Mike for every hour he pours his soul into the video project.

Then what is the best file type to export to? What is the industry standard? is it 4k or H.264?

As you can see there is a lot to the video game, especially if you want a top notch job done – which you do right?


Should you hire a Videographer for your website videos? 1

What a professional Videographer offers

A decent Videographer will bring so much to the table. The style, framing of the footage, organising the whole day and telling everyone where they need to be and when, then once the filming is over they will slip off and then deliver you back a premium, high quality video that will make your jaw drop. Then if there are edits it’s on them to deliver not your accountant. 

In our experience videographers have a stack of experience, they have been there and seen it all before. They will be able to work with you on a brief and recommend shots and footage that you wont even think of. They take pride in their equipment and generally have very high end video and audio equipment.

All that you need to do is agree the brief, turn up for filming days and pay the invoice.


The value of video. Cost vs Reward.

Any high quality, premium product or service is going to cost a few of your marketing pounds. It’s a fact of life that cheap is cheap for a good reason.
But let’s think about the value you will be getting rather than get fixated on what it costs. 

Hypothetical situation coming up, strap in for the ride: 
Let’s say you want a corporate video telling the world about how wonderful and ethical your business is and showcase all your wonderful project work. The costs of the project is £4,000 . . .
But it does mean there is very little input from your team, apart from your marketing lead maybe.

For your £4,000 (or whatever the price is) you can use this video on your website which gets thousands of visits each month, across your social media channels, in introduction packs that go out to potential new customers or partners or even just out to your staff to help you convey the company values and embed them further into the culture. You can even put these videos out on YouTube (currently the second biggest search engine in the world) . . .

Oh, and you can use that video for as long as you like, month after month, year after year.

You get the idea. That initial £4,000 is looking like a much better, short and longer term investment.


Custom video vs stock video

Making your own videos, whether they are done in-house or by a professional (it’s your call – do what is right for your business and wallet) is ALWAYS going to be more authentic than using stock video websites. Stock sites have improved greatly over the years and there is some amazing royalty free footage that you can buy or even get for free.

Although stock video can look nice it is always going to be removed from your businesses, it’s not going to feel like you, not going to have your building, team or products included in the shots.

Gone are the days where people buy on a tooth-whitened smile, skyscraper building or a company brand man.  Generally people want to feel your company, understand what it’s like to do business with you and to get an authentic touch and feel for you and your brand. Video can bring all of these things across and deliver your message to your audience.

When using stock footage it can all feel a little distant and not really give the best representation of . . . well . . . you.

But in conclusion sometimes needs must. Not every marketing department carves out budget for all creatives and sometimes that budget just doesn’t exist in the first place.

Our recommendation is always go with a professional, if that isn’t possible see what you can do internally to justify that video is a direction that you should be taking.

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