Things to consider for your new website project

July 12, 2020

Before you rush into the exciting world of your new website project there are a few things to consider, these are often overlooked and you only become aware of them 6 months down the road when it’s wither too late or it adds another cost to your project.

What is the main reason for building a new website?

Sounds silly doesn’t it? But this is the first question that we ask any new client.

Many companies get caught up in “it’s old, looks dated and we just need a better one”. Which is probably true. But our opinion is that your website isn’t just a nice to have anymore, websites are serious business.

Your website is more often than not one of the fist touch points that your potential customers will look, touch and feel and the first one that you may be fully in control of. Yes they may have found you on social media, from an ad campaign or wherever but your website is most peoples first glance at you as a company and what you offer.

So why do you REALLY need a new website?

What is your goal? In an ideal world what is your new website going to give you that it didn’t before? The real reason is rarely “just need a new one” and really it comes down to a few common things. Common reasons are below (obviously different for each business but here are a few)

  • We need to generate more leads
  • We need more sales
  • We need to compete with our competitors
  • Our website is full of old, out of date business information
  • We have re-branded and need to bring the website inline with our new brand
  • Our current website doesn’t have the functionality that we need, e.g. we cant integrate fully our CRM system.
  • + Many more very good reasons

If your unsure you need to ask what is it the business want to achieve, in an ideal world what would it mean to have your new website, would it enable everything that you want.

Measure your success

So you know what the goal is (or you have a good idea) next up is to make sure you KPI’s is some kind of benchmark that you can measure the new website by. This way you will know firstly, if the project is delivering what you want but also how much of a difference it is making. Having these goals are important for many reasons, primarily though so that you can prove that the project has delivered and how much it has delivered.

How much should you spend on a new website?

This question can vary greatly depending on what type of business you are, what your turnover is and also what your goals are. Also the available marketing budget may dictate which path you end up down.

We’ll cover all of the different directions that you could take in another post but a simple way to look at the pricing is the value that you will get in return for launching your project successfully.

An example of one of our previous clients (obviously we wont name them) and numbers have been tweaked to keep it simple:

Goal for website
To help deliver an extra 50 sales per month
Average value / margin of a sale: £500

So the business goal is to deliver an extra £25k of sales each month
or an extra £300k of yearly sales.

Cost of the website project £50k

Now that number is very scary for a lot of businesses but we need to look beyond that for now. It’s the theory of value that we are looking at – the numbers could be anything depending on your specific business and industry.

The ROI and value is what’s really important. If delivered successfully the above project would return an 600% ROI . . . year, after year, after year . . . 

So on paper this is a no-brainer (if your company has the budget)

Knowing the numbers and KPI’s really allows you to make the case to hire the team you really need rather than just the ones that can come in the most cost effective.

With the world as it is and business getting more competitive, can you really afford to not get things right?

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