A full rebranding and website project for Brampton Park golf course

Under new management, Brampton Park Golf Course wanted a new brand and website that better represented their newly established values and goals.

Industry: Entertainment/Sport

Location: Brampton, Cambridgeshire

Goals: A new logo and brand which were better aligned to their values and business set up. A bespoke website design and build which was easy to use and considered the user journey.

Our continuous relationship

We continue to work with BPGC and support their needs on a ongoing basis, supporting them with their online and branding needs.

The start of the rebranding journey

Brampton Park Golf Club approached Big Bear Creative following a recommendation from another client. The golf club was under new management and was undergoing a complete renovation of the venue, including new ‘expert’ and pro facilities, brand new events facilities and a newly refurbished members’ bar.  The existing logo had been in place for many years and, as often happens, the branded materials produced in-house over many years were using different styles, colours and fonts etc, so there was a need for a consistent brand.

How we created the unique branding assets

The logo was in need of modernisation and although they were happy to consider a much more modern style, they were very keen to keep the badger icon, as this related to the badger set on the 9th hole – something that the members and internal team were very fond of. So we knew we wanted to aim for something modern and yet traditional, preserving the golf club’s heritage.

Following on from initial conversations, it was clear that the club had several different target audiences who could use the different facilities they had available. We, therefore, started out the project by profiling these groups with the internal team so that we really understood their audience. This also helped BPGC make informed decisions on not only the brand and website, but also on their marketing activities moving forward.

Building a clear and aligned brand

Once we were happy with the customer profiles, we looked at the best way to update the visual side of the brand. We knew that the existing golf club members were keen to keep things very similar and may well be resistant to changing the brand too much, whereas the clients for the events and pro club area would likely expect something much more modern than the existing brand.

We wanted to create individual versions of the logo to define the club’s events and pro areas. We kept the same brand look and feel to do this and used different colours to define the areas, as well as rounded sub logos. These were to be used around the venue and on area-specific marketing materials to clearly define the different areas of the club.

We explored both very clean, modern looking logo designs, as well as more traditional options which modernised the existing logo, whilst still keeping true to the club’s roots. The golf club team chose a more traditional treatment, keeping the shield and badger from the existing brand, but modernising them to bring them up to date.

We built a clear brand around the logo, again with a traditional yet modern feel. We also created full brand guidelines, considering how the different areas of the club would be shown on marketing materials and how the branding should be used online. The team have continued to use these guidelines moving forward to create their own marketing materials in-house that are consistent and on brand.

The process of building the bespoke website

Following on from a successful branding project, we began work on a complete redesign and rebuild of www.bramptonparkgc.co.uk.
There were a number of things that needed to be considered for the website rebuild, including:

– Features such as the members’ area, the course status and the ability to book a tee online needed to be integrated seamlessly into the new site.

– BPGC wanted to be able to update the site themselves with events, statuses etc.

– The events, golf club and pro area would be going up against stiff competition.

– The club wanted to attract new clients and members, as well as retaining their existing loyal client base.

– Golfers aside, the events area of the business would need to attract clients such as couples looking for a wedding venue and businesses looking to book golf days etc.

Ultimately, they needed a modern online presence which held its own in a competitive market, which we were able to successfully deliver for them.

Our continuous relationship

We continue to work with BPGC and support their needs on a ongoing basis, supporting them with their online and branding needs.

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