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We work with forward-thinking companies in Cambridge and beyond to support them with their digital marketing strategy all the way through to implementation of their digital marketing plan towards success.

How we help our clients grow

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Big Bear Creative is a branding and digital consultancy proudly based in St Ives, Cambridgeshire very close to Cambridge City.

Working in harmony with in-house marketers, forward-thinking brands and industry change-makers to deliver Stunning Website, Design & Digital Marketing campaigns that make an impact.
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Web design agency Cambridge
We produce unique looking websites that help our clients convert their website visitors into sales and customers. We specialise in WordPress websites that we design, code and build from the ground up. We never use pre-made layouts or off the shelf themes (it’s not how we roll).

We like to work with forward-thinking clients who want something original that doesn’t just look like everyone else.

Digital Marketing and traditional marketing strategy at the core of everything that we do

Before we steam ahead with any digital marketing or other type of project we always ensure that our client’s Marketing Strategy is sound. We can advise and help with marketing plans and offer up creative alternatives if needed.

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all and we have the experience with working across many different business types to throw into the mix, giving us a unique view of your current challenges.

Brand and Marketing Agency

The messaging and brand values that you display to the outside world mean everything to your existing and potential clients.

People trust what they understand and run a mile from anything that they are unsure of.

We work with our clients on market research and analysis through to helping deliver a brand voice and messaging that really relates to their audience. Messaging and tone of voice should sit within your company brand guidelines.
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Delivering proven B2B marketing campaigns across search and PPC
We came to terms with it a long time ago . . . we’re proper digital marketing geeks! We really understand how Search Engines work and have a really good proven track record of getting winning results for our clients both locally and on a national basis.

We have a growing search department dedicated to offering the very best in online search activities.

We deliver Pay-Per-Click advertising on behalf of our clients which we have seen some amazing results from. We can set up re-targeting of traffic and also create online dashboards which shows you the whole picture of your activities.

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Social media content
Cambridge digital marketing agency
If you are looking for a digital marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimisation or even pay per click marketing look no further, we've got your back.

Every month we work with clients across a wide range of digital marketing services and marketing campaigns. If you are looking for digital marketing services in Cambridge which allow you to deliver measurable results
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