63% Year on year traffic growth with Digital Marketing

Using a combination of SEO and PPC via Google ads we continue to drive more relevant traffic and continue yearly growth.

Industry: Radio Communication

Location: UK and National coverage

Goals: Increase sales and website visibility through all channels nation-wide.

Delivering 300 enquiries per month with a 90% close rate.
63% yearly traffic growth

By creating fresh content for our clients site we helps increase their positions in Google for organic search and generated a significant increase in the types of enquiries that they were receiving.

How did we deliver this result with search?

Customer benchmarking is one of the things that we do better than the rest. As with every SEO campaign we took stock of the current market and the competitors operating in the same space. We then looked at what terms everyone was ranking for through extensive customer benchmarking and analysed the intent of each of the keywords.

We then switched from trying to produce content to please the tech savvy and started creating content around the terminology of what customers were searching for, focusing on keywords that delivered the intent to buy.

This meant that we were working with lower search volumes than the rest of the market. We took this direction as we w're after quality, not just big fancy numbers that didn't convert into sales but pleased the board in the end of month meeting reports.

24,000+ visits from Google Ads

Through our SEO benchmarking and competitor analysis we were able to look at all of the keywords that each of the competitors were ranking for. After we had the keyword list we could then look at keyword volumes and intent to determine which keywords we wanted to be found for (very similar to the SEO approach, using our same system).

With Google ads we could see which keywords our competitors were using and either make an informed decision to out-bid them for those to compete for the same prize or to look at the areas the competition were not bidding on and get our clicks there.

We opted for a little bit of both the above strategies to ensure we still had enough skin in the industry game but also enough budget to push and explore different options.

Add into this some creative re-marketing display campaign activity and we were off with a PPC campaign that was hitting several different audience types within the same sectors where our competitors were only reaching one type.

We helped reach more people in the same sector and attracted a wider range of enquiries from people looking to buy.

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