Agency website for a top 1% Google Partner

Industry: E-commerce Marketing Agency

Location: Cambridge, UK

Goals: Launch a new website to represent the current positioning of the business.

Working with a top 1% Google partner

Genie Goals are among the very best e-commerce marketing agencies in the world. Over the years they have won countless industry aways and are badged partners with the biggest ad platforms in the world.

There was a need to update their existing website with something that was cleaner and more focused towards their deliverables and core messaging. We worked with their in-house team to wireframe and design a website that represented where Genie Goals are today.

Goodby fast fashion, hello to a sustainable future

Genie Goals have always excelled in working with the largest brands in the world (Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld, Victoria Beckham etc). Now in 2022 and beyond they are fully embracing clients that think of the world fist and that put people welfare before profits.

The new website was designed with the future in mind, keeping things clean, classy and to the point.

Built entirely in Webflow

When it came to the build of the project there was a requirement to use a platform that was more secure than WordPress and that didn't need a constant update of plugins or core files. We chose Webflow as our goto CMS platform as it covered everything that was needed in terms of updating pages, adding blog articles and adding any new careers.

Because of the clean code base the site is lightning fast which helps with user experience.

No plugins to be found for this website, no nasty surprise updates and with our ongoing maintenance plan there should never be a need for any of the Genie Goals team to stress over their website ever again.

It's nice to work with nice people

Throughout the entire project the Genie Goals team were an awesome bunch. They listened to our suggestions, gave input when needed but most importantly trusted us to deliver them a modern and clean website that will be working hard for them for the future.

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