Refreshing and modernising a 20 year old electronics brand

Prism wanted a modern and consistent brand which fully reflected their business and where it was heading. They also wanted to have clear guidelines to follow.

Industry: Electronics manufacturer

Location: Cambridgeshire

Goals: Be brand consistent and modern with set guidelines to follow in house as a business.

Consistency is a key factor for a successful brand

Prism is a brand that’s been well established for over 20 years. However, they’d had several different versions of their logo created throughout this time, which resulted in brand inconsistency becoming a real issue. There was no defined brand style, meaning things like different fonts, tone of voice and imagery had been used across multiple different channels. As well as this, the existing logo was looking quite dated and no longer reflected where the company currently was.There were trademark considerations too, as the existing logo had a trademark in place, so this needed to be carefully thought out to ensure a successful result that could also be trademarked going forward.

Prism wanted a modern and consistent brand which fully reflected their business and where it was heading. They also wanted to have clear guidelines to follow, which would allow them to take their brand forward and be able to update the look and feel of their website in-house.

Refreshing the already set up brand

As this was a well-established logo which had been with the company for a long time, there were suggestions that the new look should remain true to the origins of the existing logo, so we needed to carefully consider the new logo in order to gain buy-in from both the internal team and external clients.We worked closely with Prism’s internal marketing team and had regular check-ins to ensure we were all on the same page. As a result, the logo was sympathetically refreshed and redesigned to bring the style up to date and introduce a more modern and dynamic colour palette.

We already had a good idea of the company’s messaging, so we built the rest of the brand around this. We then created a brand book and guidelines for Prism, helping to bring them more in-line with their industry competitors and position themselves as a modern, ‘forward thinking’ company.

Long-term success depends on the brand guidelines to follow

We worked closely with the marketing team at Prism to create a set of consistent brand guidelines to take the company forward. Consistency really was key with these, so that they could confidently leave behind their old way of marketing with several different versions of the logo being used and visual discordance.We left the team armed with everything they needed to confidently take the brand forward and ensure everything that they created was aligned and on brand.

Showing of the team and the essence of the business

Prism’s people are really important to the company and so we decided that, rather than rely on stock photography, they needed to commission a set of brand images which would show their team and the great work that they do.This would help to humanise the business to both existing and potential clients. We brought in one of our trusted photographers for a photoshoot to achieve this, and we were there on the day as well, to ensure the photographer was briefed in exactly what shots were required to suit the brand. The end result was a set of images which are bespoke to the company, showcasing how they work and the team that they’re so proud of. We also added an image treatment to the brand photos to give them a ‘techy’ feel so that they have a defined look with this and the photography style.

The new Prism brand was launched in summer that year and was well received by all. The team was able to update their online presence through the guidance provided in our brand guidelines and the social media graphics templates that we created for them. We helped them to gain a new trademark for the logo so they could move forward knowing that their new identity was both unique in their industry and well protected into the future.

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