Website design and build for The Folio Bar & Kitchen, Cambridge

Industry: Hotels and Hospitality

Location: Cambridge, UK


Launching a new Cambridge restaurant
Create a custom website
Make a successful website launch‍


The Folio Bar & Kitchen was launched inline with the Fellows house hotel in Cambridge to offer hotel guests and lovers of food and drink a place to dine, enjoy and fall in love over good locally sourced food and drink. 


The hotel was launching and they wanted a website that really represented what was on offer at The Folio and to help set it apart as more than just “the hotels restaurant” and to help make it a destination in its own right and a very good reason to travel into Cambridge. 


Using the brand guidelines we created a custom website that not only acted as a brochure for the restaurant but also integrated in booking forms so that diners could easily book a table. We also provided full traffic analytics for the website and also custom monthly data reports. 

We were also very conscious that as a restaurant changes can happen frequently, from new menu auditions, seasonal offerings and special offers and even new photography. 

We built the website so that the marketing teams could very easily change copy, imagery and also add new menus as soon as they were launched. 

Everything on the website is customisable by the client which helps them to reduce the reliance on third party support. This also means that they can update their content in their own time and never have to wait again for website updates to be made. 


The website was launched alongside the luxury hotel offering to great effect. The social media activity created a big buzz about the restaurant and the website delivered by providing diners with a great feel for what to expect with a very easy way in which to book a table. 

Lessons Learned

The biggest takeaway we have from producing the Folio website is that great photography can make a massive difference to your business. A good photo can tell the viewer straight away about the quality of what to expect and also allow for you to set expectations of the level that you deliver your offering at. 

Again another client that allowed us to work with them to really understand what they needed and then allowed us to use our expertise to deliver a great looking end results that delivered on all business objectives and was delivered on budget.

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