Winning SEO results for MOTOTRBO by Motorola

Steady growth for SEO / Organic search engine traffic for one of Motorola's cutting edge divisions.

Industry: Communications

Location: Whole of UK

Goals: Grow organic search engine traffic

Generating 90% increase in visibility and a 400% increase in clicks

Working within a highly competitive industry our challenge was to increase visibility for the MOTOTRBO website through improved search engine visibility so that more people could find the site when searching for digital radio keywords.

How did we deliver this result with search?

We first performed a full technical and content audit for the website which showed us where the site was being held back. The technical audit highlighted various performance updates which we could make which would lead to improved Google performance scores.

The content audit allowed us to benchmark the website content against the top 10 ranking competitors in the world. This gave us valuable insights into the type of content that ranked well and more importantly led to us understanding what searches customers were making that would lead to better enquiries.

What were the results?

The results are a great example of what can be achieve through a solid Search Engine Optimisation plan. In the chart below you can see the yearly increase in search engine traffic. By crafting a yearly SEO plan and following our processes this traffic will continue to grow year on year generating more impressions and more clicks as time goes on.

Already we have seen a 90% increase in overall visibility and by optimising the website pages and meta details this had led to a 400% increase in the daily number of clicks.

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