How do we deliver winning results for our clients?

SEO: Boost your online visibility and rank higher on search engines to attract more organic traffic.

Paid Advertising: Executing targeted campaigns on Google, Bing and Meta to maximise reach and ROI.

Social Media Management: Engage and grow your audience with compelling content and influencer partnerships.

Email Marketing: Implementing effective email campaigns that drive direct bookings and customer loyalty.

Website Design: Crafting visually stunning, user-friendly websites to increase direct bookings.

Branding & Design: Develop a memorable brand identity that resonates with your target market.

Whether you are just launching or are looking for a new partner we always deliver!

At Big Bear, our clients work alongside us and trust us to deliver impactful marketing for their business. We generally work with hotels that are either launching or re-launching and want to make a big splash or we are there if your current agency just isn't hitting the right spot and you want to go on a new journey with a new partner.


Committed to results, not vanity numbers


We work with hotel and hospitality clients across the whole of the UK


Years of driving winning results for our clients

From boutique Apart hotels to luxury country estates, fine dining restaurants and 4* beach-front spa's we're gaining a great reputation as the digital partner of choice.

(Hint: it's because we're a great team to work with, we have great values and we're really good at what we do!)

You will love working with Big Bear.
We're BIG enough to deliver but small enough to genuinely care about you.

Along with producing winning results we're a team of individuals who are invested in getting the win for you. We're positively passionate about what we do and we treat every project as if it was our very own. The level of dedication and love for what we do, along with our family values is what sets us apart from every other agency out there.

How we help

At BigBear, we are experts in leveraging the full spectrum of paid, earned, and owned channels to deliver winning marketing strategies that cover brand development, digital marketing, and social media.

We approach every marketing project by looking at the whole range of options available rather than trying to shoe-horn in a solution that doesn't fit.

The Big Bear Process

We always follow our tried-and-true process: research and diagnose first, before jumping into solutions. This way, we avoid quick fixes that might work short-term but fail later on, usually when it's too late to turn back.


We review your current marketing mix to learn everything we can about your market position, audience behaviors, and competitive landscape.


With a comprehensive understanding of your marketing efforts, we diagnose areas of strength and pinpoint opportunities for strategic improvements.


Drawing on our diagnosis, we prescribe a bespoke mix of marketing strategies and tactics that are best suited to elevate your brand and meet your business goals.


We then expertly deliver on these strategies, implementing a mix of creative and data-driven solutions designed to captivate your target audience and enhance brand engagement.


Finally, we rigorously measure the performance of our implemented strategies, using data analytics to ensure they achieve optimal impact and continuously refine our approach based on these insights.

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